Sleep Health Management

KOEO is a completely new approach to healthcare, breaking the mold of traditional EHR systems.  The platform’s cross-organizational process workflow engine allows multiple healthcare providers and experts around the world to seamlessly contribute and collaborate as they participate in sleep health management programs.  This sophisticated foundation allows our team to design and deploy comprehensive Program Solutions to our clients that ensure scalability and quality of care.

KOEO is completely cloud-based and accessible through cutting edge web and mobile device technology.  It is designed by enterprise software experts with decades of experience in building highly scalable, secure software infrastructures that stand the test of time.

Virtual Care Continuum

KOEO minimizes the risk of members disengaging along the way from early engagement through diagnostic testing, treatment initiation and long term care management.

KOEO provides a completely integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) and real-time treatment history for each member enrolled, as it relates to their sleep health management.  Our HIPAA enabled i.AIM security model allows healthcare professionals that participate in the member’s care to see only information required to perform their services. This allows FusionHealth to offer clinically integrated programs nationwide that are based on consistent protocols delivered by the KOEO